Welcome to Some Kind of Brown!

Welcome to the website for the podcast Some Kind of Brown!

As the podcast catchphrase says, this is the place where you’ll always first and foremost be seen as a human. Race and ethnicity can be hard to talk about or find your identity in when you’re Mixed, Multi-Racial, raising Mixed children, or a child of interracial adoption. I started this podcast in July of 2017 so that those of us who’ve been trying to find their place or are anywhere on the journey of self-discovery when it comes to identity.

My name is Natalie Evans and I am Multi-Racial, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and identify myself as Indigenous Black. I’m all that and something more. That’s how it works right? I want you to feel welcome here and seen. All are welcome and I hope you’ll stick around!

Welcome to the Some Kind of Brown family!

❤ Natalie

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